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zinc tank partners with eligeo to launch SugarCRM solution
Intellect offering facilitates faster and more cost-effective SugarCRM development and implementation
Calgary-based data sciences agency zinc tank has partnered with Eligeo, western Canada's largest SugarCRM provider, to develop Intellect, a lead-in planning solution that facilitates faster and more cost-effective SugarCRM development and implementation. Intellect combines Eligeo’s experience and in-depth technical analysis with zinc tank’s unique combination of business research tools and analytical methods.

CRM technology delivers a powerful platform for leveraging data assets to drive greater business performance and improved customer satisfaction. But implementing CRM infrastructure is costly, time-consuming, and has a notoriously high failure rate. In most cases, says Eligeo president Derek Major, this is due to inadequate planning. “By starting out with Intellect, we can make sure the client gets it right the first time, with lower per-user costs and a faster ROI than any other comparable CRM on the market.”

Intellect looks beyond the technology problem, adds zinc tank president Brian F. Singh. “For optimal results, the data within a CRM should be configured to ensure that corporate objectives and functional goals are mapped out properly. This a technical issue but it’s also very much about strategic planning. That’s why the zinc tank-Eligeo partnership behind Intellect makes good business sense.”

The Intellect offering provides a comprehensive analysis of CRM requirements and priorities as they relate across the organization. It culminates with a detailed report that sets out an organizational roadmap. “With Intellect, we align that data and show how these valuable digital assets can be leveraged across multiple lines of business and at every customer touch point. Put simply, your CRM lets you focus on doing business.”

For more information on Intellect, visit the zinc tank website or contact Brian F. Singh.

About zinc tank
Zinc tank is a data sciences agency offering both conventional and non-traditional research and strategic consulting services to public and private organizations. To enable organizations to do more with their data, zinc tank breaks the mold of traditional research models. The agency leverages customer feedback, dialog and other data science-driven insights to develop, produce and manage a full complement of branding, engagement and business development solutions.