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The Insight Pentagon Model
Dynamic, multifaceted research strategy connects all the dots, all the time

Zinc tank's research pentagon model is a graphical representation that demonstrates our holistic, multifaceted approach to research strategy. The pentagon takes into account each of the elements that organizations need to track, measure and analyze in order to fully grasp, and remain in touch with, the needs and concerns of their customers and other stakeholders.

The pentagon approach is not a static formula. It emphasizes adaptability and responsiveness, rather than rigidly organized methods and practicies. And in most cases it will change over time: in fact, we actively encourage the constant challenging of every reseach activity's relevance and value. While each element remains part of the overall equation, they will each take on greater or lesser prominence in response to changing business goals and marketing priorities.

The insight pentagon model: five 'must-have' research resources
  • Transactional/operational data: Are you getting the full benefit of the internally-generated data you already have? Zinc tank's starting point is to assess the data you have right now, to see where and how it can help guide and improve decision-making processes.
  • Market intelligence: We employ a variety of tools to deliver real-time snapshots of what's going on across your industry landscape: who's doing what? how you measure up against competitors? Where are the risks? opportunities?
  • Opinion research: Zinc tank will design and execute a combination of qualitative and quantitative surveys to provide timely, reliable insights on customer interests, behaviors, attitudes and more.
  • Web analytics: As the Web becomes a primary fulfillment vehicle for virtually every type of product and service, organizations can tap into the enormous wellspring of data that's streaming into their websites - both to gain insights on customers' interests and to establish a feedback loop for customer engagement and communication.
  • Social media: Zinc tank helps organizations monitor social media platforms to assess what's being said about their business activities - good or bad. We also identify ways that our clients can use these same Web 2.0 vehicles to create better interactions and, consequently, a much richer level of feedback-based customer insights.
Meta analysis and triangulation: One of the key roles we play is in triangulating the data from diverse sources - not only to verify and test the trends and assumptions they point to, but also to interpret the findings and deliver them in concrete, actionable terms: Is the research driving business innovation? profitability? customer engagement? Are we asking the right questions to the right audiences?

"Data literacy" and the numbers we trust: Most business leaders are highly attuned to their organization's day-to-day financial performance, but how many of them are as savvy about the numbers and other data generated through their market research? As data literacy evangelists, we work closely with every client to foster greater understanding of how their research can, should, and must relate not only to their customers but also to the business's bottom line.

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Which of the pentagon's research resources are you using? Which ones are missing?  If you're interested in seeing how the insight pentagon model can help your organization connect more dots, more effectively, contact zinc tank president Brian F. Singh.