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Smartphones leading the charge: ZINC survey
Survey links social media and mobile telephony
According to The Bridge, ZINC REsearch's annual survey of Canada's online population, the explosion in social media is a major factor in the growth of mobile telephony.This is particularly true in the case of smartphones, which are no longer confined to the domain of the business crowd.

The rapid adoption of smartphones among consumers is largely the result of innovative products like Apple's user-friendly iphone and its subsequent competitors. But, as  ZINC president Brian F. Singh explains, the ZINC survey does not focus on "how" people are connecting, but rather on "why."

"The fact is, people don't just want to talk when they're on the go," says . "They want to connect and stay in touch through networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They also want to be able to access the Internet whenever and wherever they like."

The first two articles of its series looked at mobile telephone ownership and mobile Internet access levels. The third article, published today, looks at the dramatic increase in the number of people who do not currently own a smartphone but intend to buy one in the next twelve months.

To view all three articles in the series, visit ZINC Research's resource library:

About the survey
The Bridge is a syndicated survey established in 2007 by ZINC in partnership with Ottawa-based Dufferin Research. It uses a sample of 1,200 online respondents that accurately reflects Canada’s online population both geographically and demographically. Since its inception, the survey has collected nine tracking waves; a tenth will be added in early 2011.

About ZINC Research
Founded in Calgary in 2006, ZINC provides online and onsite quantitative and qualitative market surveys and analysis for regional and international private and public sector clients throughout North America. Founding president Brian F. Singh is a market researcher and economist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as an advisor and project manager in a broad range of industry sectors, including tourism, the environment, engineering, retail, financial services, demography, health and wellness, and information technology.

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