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Fast Company article cites Zinc Research's "digital oxytocin"
Zinc Research's online survey research complements thought-provoking neuroeconomics research on social media's trust-building connections
In an article in the July 2010 edition of Fast Company, technology writer Adam L. Penenberg reports that social media have been shown to trigger the release of oxytocin, the “trust-confidence” chemical in the human brain. The article describes the innovative research of neuroeconomist Dr. Paul Zak, and in particular it focuses on the huge implications this work could have on the way businesses think about social media and the people who use them.

That’s where Calgary’s own social media and market research specialists Zinc Research come into the picture. Penenberg quotes Zinc president Brian Singh, who has coined the term “digital oxytocin” in his research on social media as a relationship-builder, not only among individuals but also between businesses and their customers. "One day, a company might be better off asking not what its margins are, but what its trust factor is," Singh told Penenberg.

Based on findings from Zinc’s long-running online social media survey, “The Bridge,” Singh emphasizes that in today’s Web 2.0 universe, marketers – and market researchers – need to reassess what their customers, consumers and other stakeholders are saying, and feeling, if they are to more fully understand the depth and dimensions of their trust of their brands and their organizations.

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About ZINC Research
Founded in Calgary in 2006, ZINC provides online and onsite quantitative and qualitative market surveys and analysis for regional and international private and public sector clients throughout North America. Founding president Brian F. Singh is a market researcher and economist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as an advisor and project manager in a broad range of industry sectors, including tourism, the environment, engineering, retail, financial services, demography, health and wellness, and information technology.

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